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We are a Code for America Brigade, which means we're volunteers who contribute our talents toward improving the way our local governments and community organizations use the web. The Brigade is about action and you're here because you are someone who takes action.

OpenSMC's summer break

A few weeks ago, we started discussing significant changes to OpenSMC hack night. Over the past three hack nights at the end of June, we’ve heard from many of you about what you’d like the future of OpenSMC to be. Thank you for taking the time to help us move into the future of OpenSMC!

The first big shift for OpenSMC is moving to a project-based focus. This means that these projects need owners.The idea is that project owners will work with OpenSMC leadership to create project strategies, tasks appropriate for remote work, and coordinate on sharing out demos and progress during our monthly events. Owning a project shouldn’t be difficult or scary, so we’re here to help figure it all out. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more!

Next, beginning September 26, 2017, we’re starting a monthly event where we’ll hear from program staff and volunteers from local government and community-based organizations who are doing the work we want to support. This monthly event will be part presentations with time for questions, part demo night, and part discussion time. Most importantly, it’s a time to come together and build community. We hope to see you there!

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has come to hack night, worked on a project, or joined OpenSMC on Meetup. You are all doing great work and contributing to improving our communities in San Mateo County. Working through this pivot with you has been rewarding and we’re hoping to continue to provide a place where everyone can learn and contribute to improving our communities through technology.

Please stay in touch through Meetup, Slack, and email. If there are topics you’d like to hear about during our monthly speaker series, please let us know! We can make connections with the right city and county staff and elected officials you want to hear from. We hope to hear from you this summer and we’ll see you in September!

Michelle and John

For more, watch the inspirational TED talk given by Jennifer Pahlka, the founder of Code for America.


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